Hariharan Srinath

Making Android Studio (or Eclipse ADT) work on 64-bit Ubuntu Saucy 13.10 or Trusty 14.04

Getting Android Studio (or Eclipse Android Development Tools) to run successfully on 64-bit (ie. amd64) installations of the newer Ubuntu (or underlying Debian) distributions like Trusty Thar (14.04) is not straightforward. As Android build-tools are actually 32-bit programs linked to 32-bit libraries that are not installed by default, build often fails on first installation. Unfortunately, most advise that shows up on a Google search is outdated and recommends installing the ia32-libs package which is no longer supported from Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy onwards. This article shows you how to use multiarch support to install the necessary 32-bit libraries to make Anrdoid builds work on an amd64 installation of newer versions Ubuntu.