Hariharan Srinath

GoAniGiffy: A versatile animated GIF creator

GoAniGiffy is a small utility written in the Go Programming language to create animated GIFs from a set of alphabetically sorted image files (eg. video frames extracted as JPEGs with MPlayer or VLC) with support for basic image editing operations like cropping, scaling, rotation & flip. Scaling & Downsampling the images for creating the GIF are performed with high quality algorithms to ensure the colors of the video are of good quality
Hariharan Srinath

ArdGrafix6100: Fast Arduino driver for Nokia 6100 Color LCDs

ArdGrafix6100 is a fast and full-featured graphics library for interfacing the Nokia 6100 color graphics LCD with Arduino. It uses hardware SPI & block write features to boost graphics performance & supports advanced features like proportional fonts in a tiny RAM footprint.
Hariharan Srinath

FullScreenWrapper2: Python GUI framework for Android

FullScreenWrapper2 is an Android Python GUI Framework for developing full screen User Interfaces using Scripting Layer for Android (SL4A) and Python for Android (Py4A). It abstracts away the SL4A FullScreen API while providing simplified layout loading and pythonic access to properties & events of the layout