ArdGrafix6100: Fast Arduino driver for Nokia 6100 Color LCDs

ArdGrafix6100: Fast Arduino driver for Nokia 6100 Color LCDs

ArdGrafix6100 is a fast and full-featured graphics library for interfacing the Nokia 6100 color graphics LCD with Arduino. It uses hardware SPI & block write features of the graphics controller on the LCD to boost graphics performance & supports advanced features like proportional fonts in a tiny RAM footprint. The Philips PF8833 controller is currently supported.

ArdGrafix6100 Screenshot

ArdGrafix6100 Demo


Get the Library from Githb.


  • Uses ATmega SPI peripherals & ports for high - performance graphics
  • Uses block-write features of LCD controller to speed up writes
  • Supports Proportional Fonts - a 14px height font is included by default!
  • Implements all standard graphic primitives & utility classes like “xy”, “rectangle”


  • Fonts implemented programatically using OOP to conserve SRAM
  • Uses only AVR LIBC functions to ensure easy portability beyond Arduino


Apache License, Version 2.0

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